Donovan Collins

Missions Control Specialist and Director of Sales


Lindi Collins

Space Engineer and Product Design


Rachel Collins

Crew Member


Marin Collins

Crew Member

Retro Outfitters is the result of the Collins family dreaming around their kitchen table one evening during dinner.  Donovan and Lindi are the parents of two children, Rachel, age 13, and Marin, age 10.  Their passion is family time and homeschooling their children.   With Retro Outfitters, they have found the perfect outlet to merge those attributes with exciting new homeschool apparel and gift ideas.


Why The Name Retro?

Retro Outfitters was founded on the idea that family values such as patriotism, teamwork, and honor are just as important today as they were back in the golden days of America. They homeschool their children because they believe it nurtures and solidifies those values.  Instead of imitating the way life was in the past, help them create it now!  Choosing one of Retro Outfitters unique designs makes a statement and showcases the values you hold as a family. 

Excitedly, it is Retro Outfitters's hope to give the homeschool community a voice with a collective identity.  Part of that identity is that homeschoolers are intelligent, gregarious, brave, and super cool.  Let’s remember and honor the past and launch it forward to today and beyond!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Blast off!